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CHAPTER 7: Total Liquidation. Your (and your spouse’s) income, number of dependents, and secure obligations are primary factors in determining if you qualify to file a Chapter 7 Bankruptcy. Depending on your equity interest in your assets will determine if those assets are “protected” under Illinois exemption laws. If you want to keep the house, car(s), other assets that have a secured obligation, you will need to be current with those obligations.

CHAPTER 13: “Save My Home” “Save My Car” are the primary reasons for filing for a Chapter 13 Bankruptcy. Client through the attorney proposes a plan payment or “Trustee” payment to adequately pay back creditors. A plan runs between 3 to 5 years.

At Thomas M. Britt, P.C. we have been representing debtors in both types of bankruptcy since November, 1989. We can help you out of debt. Please call us at (815) 464-5533 to set an in-office consultation.


SALE: When representing sellers in a real estate transaction, these tasks can include: Preparing the real estate contract, reviewing inspection report, ordering title, survey, termite inspection, payoff letters from mortgage company and paid assessment letter from association, preparing necessary closing documents, and attend closing.

PURCHASE: Purchasing a home is typically the biggest investment a person will make during his or her lifetime. Our representation includes reviewing the real estate contract, inspection report, title commitment, survey, pre-approval letter from mortgage company, note and mortgage. Attending the closing and reviewing and explaining closing documents.

LANDLORD RIGHTS: Including preparing necessary notice to terminate/quit, filing and serving summons and complaint in a eviction proceeding and attending court.

TENANT DISPUTES: Including representation in court in an eviction proceeding, exploring negotiation options.

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ESTATE PLANNING: When deciding what to do with your assets, who should take care of your children, how they are to be provided; how your assets are to be divided if you are deceased are necessary decisions during one’s lifetime that many people wait too long to decide or to have their wills updated. We have prepared wills, land trusts, living trusts.

Additionally, there are also very important documents that should be prepared if one becomes mentally or physically incapacitated. These documents can include Power of Attorney for Health, Power of Attorney for Property, Living Will, Do Not Resuscitate.

PROBATE MATTERS: There are certain proceedings when a person is considered disabled or has deceased. Both situations can result in probate proceedings. The Law Offices of Thomas M. Britt, P.C. can represent you or your loved ones in these proceedings.

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